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Midwife 4 You Private Midwife Packages

Online Hypnobirthing &

Antenatal Course

What’s Included?
6 hours of online video content
A comprehensive Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Course

5 Guided Relaxation MP3s
Daily Practice Video for optimal positioning of your baby
PDF Course Companion (To download or print out) including Interactive and Downloadable Birth Preference Template
Exclusive Discounts from our official Brand Partners worth OVER £100!
Access to a private Facebook Group to share stories and ask questions
Regular LIVE Q&A with Megan, founder of birth-ed™


Full Moon £6,300

This is our complete package of care from early pregnancy, booking before 24 weeks. A comprehensive service offering regular unhurried appointments with your midwife in your own home. Support from early pregnancy offering lots of reassurance, helping you to understand your screening choices, preparing for each stage of pregnancy and the changes this may bring; also helping you to navigate the NHS maternity system.

Half Moon £5,800

The half moon package is an option for clients who have chosen to book care a little further on in their pregnancy, who are looking for continuity of care with the same midwife and would like more time to ask questions about their pregnancy in a more relaxed environment.

Mini Moon #2 £4,650

The Mini Moon package includes 5 antenatal appointments, on call for birth from 37 weeks 24:7, homebirth care or support in hospital and 5 postnatal visits.

Mini Moon #1 £3,990

MM1 includes 3 antenatal visits, on call for birth from 37 weeks 24:7, Home birth support or support in hospital, followed by 3 postnatal visits.

New Moon £1,500

New moon is an antenatal only package providing 10 antenatal appointments, offering additional support and continuity of care with a midwife you can get to know and trust.

Babymoon £1,800

Postnatal care is well known to be the Cinderella service and is often an afterthought, with the majority of focus put on the birth. Regular appointments in the first few weeks after birth, can help you get your parenting journey off to a flying start, building confidence and offering lots of reassurance when you are settling in to your new role.

Harvest Moon £900

Daily visits for the first week after birth to get breastfeeding off to a good start. Great whether this is your 1st or 5th baby, as each breastfeeding journey can be so different. Both mum and baby need time to get used to each others cues and learn this new skill, additional support and reassurance at this stage is really important to help cope with this demanding period and help identify any issues early, putting you back on track.

What do we cover?

Module 1: The Power of the Mind –Understanding how we think and why this is important to birth

Module 2: The Physiology of Birth – Understanding birth on the inside! From the muscles of the uterus to the hormones of birth (and how we can affect them).

Module 3: Hypnobirthing Techniques – Practical tools and techniques to use during pregnancy and birth to eliminate fear and anxiety.

Module 4: Making Choices – Decision making tools, understanding risk and research and how to apply this to your decision making. A crucial tool and not as scary as it sounds!

Module 5: Birth Choices – From Birth Place to Pain Relief options, we cover it all in depth!

Module 6: Aligning Your Body and Baby – Something overlooked by most antenatal courses, you’ll understand all the positions your baby may find themselves in and what you can do to help. Including daily practice video to encourage a good position for birth.

Module 7: The What Ifs – Possibly interventions from induction to instrumental birth and caesarean. Importantly focusing on what you can do practically to make these things positive.

Module 8: The Birth – Thinking about labour itself, birth positions to the birth environment, when to call the midwife to birthing your placenta! We cover it all!

Module 9: Birth Preferences – Communicating your choices with your healthcare team.


What do we cover?

  • Where to access evidence based information about COVID-19
  • What changes may we see in our choices and care?
  • Birth place- what to consider and how to make it positive.
  • Comfort Measures- what changes we are seeing and how to keep comfortable.
  • Birth partners- what are the rules and what should we be prepared for?
  • Induction during COVID-19
  • Partners bonding with baby after separation
  • How to avoid stress during pregnancy
  • MP3 for reducing stress

The module will be ever evolving, so as things develop, so will the course- if there’s anything specific lots of you are asking for, i’ll add that in too! If you are already signed up to the Online Course, you’ll see the module appear on Monday evening (BST)!


Birth Planning

The online course provides you with all the info you need to prepare for a positive birth, however sometimes having an opportunity to ask questions about your specific circumstances and talking through your own birth preferences can be hugely beneficial.

Our birth planning upgrade includes in a 1 hour Zoom Call (or Skype) with Megan, founder of birth-ed. Before the call you will be sent a comprehensive questionnaire, so that we can get the most from out session.

You are free to ask anything in the call, however please note that as with all courses with birth-ed, these calls do not replace medical advice from you healthcare provider. Calls are currently only available to women giving birth in the UK.


When you book your care you may have a clear idea of where you would like to have you baby. This may be at home, in a midwife led unit or a consultant led labour ward.

You may be undecided about your place of birth until further into your pregnancy when you have had time to research your options and have an understanding of how your pregnancy is progressing.

Whether you have a high risk or straight forward pregnancy, we can support you in your journey. If you choose a hospital birth, we can attend as a 2nd partner in labour to provide advocacy and practical support and reassurance. Due to insurance restrictions we will not be able to provide clinical care, your NHS midwife will be responsible for your care during labour.

If you choose a Homebirth, I am fully insured to cover all aspects of your care. I will care for you throughout your labour and will stay with you for a few hours after the birth to ensure you and baby are doing well.

We will help you understand your options, to enable you to make an informed choice and the choice which feels right for you!