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Hi, I’m Lisa & I’m so glad you’ve found me!

My name is Lisa, I am a Private Independent Midwife covering South London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent. I have worked in Maternity Services for the last 16 years practising as a Midwife in busy London hospitals and privately for the last 5 years.

I decided to become a midwife when I was pregnant with my son Samuel who is now 16 years old. I had a fantastic midwife with my first child which made a lasting impact on me- Thank-you Maxine! A few obstacles and 3 children later, I am now doing what I love.

I trained at Kings College London University and worked for 4 years starting at St Helier Sutton, followed by St Thomas London, both giving me a range of skills and knowledge which have given me the grounding to now work Privately and provide more client centred and evidence based care.

I continue to have good relationships with many NHS Maternity units in and around London, which is an essential part of providing safe, effective and individualised care for my clients, which is at the heart of what I do.

So how can I help you?

This is me, hard at work!

I offer individualized care packages from various stages of pregnancy through to the postnatal period, to compliment your NHS care or as an alternative. Whether you are looking for a homebirth or support in labour at your booking hospital, my service aims to support you on whatever pathway you are on, to ensure you have the best experience for you.

I believe that continuity of care makes a huge difference to the physical and emotional well-being of couples and their newborn, which has a long lasting effect. Seeing the same midwife throughout your pregnancy, birth and in the early weeks of parenting, instils calm and confidence which can impact on your birth outcome and experience.

Whatever your background, medical history or plan for birth, you will benefit from having a known and trusted midwife to guide and support you through, giving you the best birth experience for you.

Lisa x

Advice from Midwife 4 You

Where would I like my baby to be born??

What are my choices?
Home Birth or support in hospital?
  • When you book your care you may have a clear idea of where you would like to have you baby. This may be at home, in a midwife led unit or a consultant led labour ward.
  • You may be undecided about your place of birth until further into your pregnancy, when you have had time to research your options and have an understanding of how your pregnancy is progressing.
  • Whether you have a high risk or straight forward pregnancy, we can support you in your journey. If you choose a hospital birth, we can attend as a 2nd partner in labour to provide advocacy and practical support and reassurance. Due to insurance restrictions we will not be able to provide clinical care, your NHS midwife will be responsible for your care during labour.
  • If you choose a Homebirth, I am fully insured to cover all aspects of your care. I will care for you throughout your labour and will stay with you for a few hours after the birth to ensure you and baby are doing well.

We will help you understand your options, to enable you to make an informed choice and the choice which feels right for you!

Continuity of Care…

Why is it important to have a midwife you know and trust?
Continuity of care is the gold standard of maternity care across the globe. Whatever your background or circumstance, all pregnant people benefit from care from the same midwife who they can get to know and build a relationship with.
Continuity of care during pregnancy and birth has been shown to:
  • Reduces your chances of miscarriage or stillbirth
  • Reduces the likelihood of intervention in labour
  • Reduces your need for pain relief
  • Increases the likelihood of a straightforward vaginal birth
  • Lower rates of postnatal complications
  • Higher rates of breastfeeding success and continuation
  • Greater sense of satisfaction with your birth experience!

Antenatal appointments, what’s included?..

Whether you choose a package of care or a one off antenatal appointment, all antenatal visits include the same high standard of clinical checks to ensure the health and well being of mother and baby. You are always central to the care being provided; and safe, effective and evidence based care is at the heart of what we do.

Each appointment includes a full antenatal check including blood pressure, pulse and urinalysis. Also screening you for any symptoms of more serious pregnancy complications, whilst advising how best to manage the minor (but uncomfortable) ailments of pregnancy.

Early in pregnancy, you will be offered a range of screening by the NHS to identify health concerns for you or baby. We will help you to understand what the screening is about and what the results may mean. Also reviewing any care, blood results or scan reports you may have received, giving you time to ask any  questions you may have. If you would like any tests or ultrasound scans to be carried out privately, this may be arranged for you at an additional fee.

From the 2nd trimester approximately 16 weeks onwards, an abdominal palpation and fetal heart rate monitoring may be commenced. From 26 weeks onwards abdominal measurements will be taken and observed at regular intervals, to identify any growth concerns that may need further investigation.

If at any point during your antenatal care, there are any concerns regarding your health, or your baby’s wellbeing, we will liaise with the NHS for specialist review and support you during this time.

For antenatal visits booked as part of a package, each appointment will include an element of antenatal education to best prepare you for birth, infant feeding and the postnatal period. This will be guided by the clients existing understanding and what they would like to focus on.

What Mothers are Saying About Midwife 4 You

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